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South Africa boasts a variety of phenomenal seasonal offerings at any given time of year, and we’re taking a look at the Spring and Summer dining delights as they relate to our fresh, seasonal menu. 

We’ve updated our menu to include the readily-available produce that is plentiful from September to December, punctuated with our own seasonal garden’s produce. 


We should always eat with the seasons, and it isn’t just because it’s a worldwide trend at the moment – it also gives a number of benefits, whether you do so in restaurants or at home. 

Typically, seasonal foods are more abundant: because they are naturally in-season, and aren’t imported from countries in which the season is active, they come in greater numbers, and can always be found. 

We use these foods so that we can keep our kitchen stocked and our quality impeccable. 

In-season produce costs much less as it’s more readily available and didn’t have to be flown from halfway across the world. For a fine-dining restaurant, this is critical, and allows us to offer exclusive, delicious dishes for a reasonable price. 

Because it’s been ripened naturally by the weather conditions it’s best-suited to, without extended refrigeration, it tastes MUCH better than artificially ripened or out-of-season produce. Because of the reduced transport requirements, you are also less-likely to get bruised, damaged, or freezer-burned fruits and vegetables. This is why we love it – our flavours are rich, full, and varied thanks to our fresh seasonal ingredients. 

The last wonderful point is that seasonal produce allows you a massive variety in your food choices. Learning how to use seasonal produce in your cooking helps diversify your palate, your plate, and your skills – just like our menu gives us diversity to offer our patrons. 

What seasonal produce does South Africa offer in Spring and Summer?



September, October, November

Avocados | Cape gooseberries | Dates | Grapefruit | Guavas | Papaya | Pears | Sweet melon | Strawberries | Artichokes | Blackberries | Asparagus | Cherries




Apricots | Artichokes | Bananas | Asparagus | Blackberries | Aubergines | Figs Cherries | Aubergines | Kale spinach | Courgettes | Corn & Mielies | Red onions

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